RIVA Training Institute

RIVA Training Institute was founded in 1982 to meet growing demand for qualitative research training. As a minority and woman owned business RIVA has grown to become the “gold standard” to which all others are compared in the Qualitative Research industry.

RIVA believes that moderating and interviewing skills are based on a science and executed as an art, much like a medical doctor or musician. To that end, we believe that in order to bring your work as a researcher and moderator to excellence it is necessary to continue to renew, refresh, and recreate yourself.

A RIVA course does not solely benefit researchers and moderators. Many of our students come to us from the client side. Understanding moderating methodology and techniques allow clients to better choose more productive moderators to conduct the fullest research for their needs.

RIVA offers an array of courses to suit your qualitative training needs. Expanding from our publicly offered courses, RIVA is also available to specifically design a course for a client’s needs at a chosen location. In the past year alone we have conducted private trainings for employees of Booz Allen Hamilton, General Mills, Astrazeneca, Boston Scientific, Novartis, The Capital Group Companies, In Sync Consumer Insights, Procter & Gamble, and many more.


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