RIVA Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Online Focus Groups

By Emily Branchaw

This webinar is being led by Jeff Walkowski, a RIVA Master Training and the principal of QualCore.com Inc. who provides traditional and internet-base qualitative research services. He has 15 years of market research industry experience behind him.

Everything taught by RIVA about moderating in-person focus groups applies to online focus groups as well. In text-based online real-time chats and asynchronous message boards, moderators need additional techniques and skills because they don’t have the benefit of seeing and hearing their respondents. In this webinar, attendees will gain an appreciation for steps that can be taken before, during, and after online focus group sessions to make them as productive as they can be. Some of the topics to be covered will include:

How to manage expectations of respondents and make your chats or boards run “smooth as butter.”

  • Tips on “translating” in-person guides for the online environment.
  • Interventions that work well in online groups, and those that don’t.
  • Overcoming one of the most difficult aspects of moderating online message boards – getting respondents to interaction with each other.
  • Dealing with all of that data – approaches to data analysis of online focus groups.

This webinar will be held March 14, 2014 from 12:00-1:30pm EST. To register, email  Training@RIVAinc.com. Registration closes at 12pm EST on the Thursday prior to the webinar date.

Learn more about RIVA Webinars on our website.


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