RIVA Webinar Topic: “Topline Reports – How to Speed up the Writing Process”

This session we will be discussing the following related to “Topline Reports –“How to Speed up the Writing Process” October 19, 2012 from 12-1:30 EST.

Most clients/observers think that the moderator is “actively listening” to each and every moment of a qualitative interview. In reality, the moderator is listening at about the 60% mark with the other 40% of his/her attention devoted to an internal conversation along these lines:

a. “Am I getting the data my client needs?”
b. “Do I have enough on this topic area to write insights for a report?”
c. “Given what I’ve heard so far — what should my next question be?”
d. “How am I going to take everything I’ve heard on this topic and reduce it to a few pages in a topline report for my client.”

This webinar will provide participants with some tools, tips and techniques to use while moderating to capture key points needed for a topline report and how to use the post QRE client debriefing session as the lynchpin for writing that report.

**Webinar registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable

To register email Training@RIVAinc.com. Registration closes at 12pm EST on the Thursday prior to the webinar date. 

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