INTRODUCING RIVA 205 “Advanced Moderating: Youth and Teen Qualitative Sessions”

RIVA is excited to announce a new course related to moderating with Youth and Teens. This is a 2-day hands-on course for the experienced moderator who wants to add kids and teens to their practice; this new course will help expose new tools to develop for this younger population.

Course Prerequisites: Moderators who have taken RIVA 201, 202, or 303; or have received the approval of RIVA’s Training Director, Amber Tedesco. It is expected that participants in this class have been moderators for a period of time and want to upgrade their skills to better work with youth and teens in qualitative sessions.

In addition to the intensive 2 Day course in Rockville, students will also participate in a bulletin board process online about a week before the class, and also, in a 90-minute webinar. These pre-class sessions will allow some basics to be covered so that time in class can be specifically tailored to class needs.

The class will build on the core strength of a trainer with a long history of working with this population and she will bring not only her experience but her expertise in setting up and managing projects for youth and teens. . By participating in RIVA 205, one will gain an understanding of how to interview youth and teens in individual and small group settings, troubleshoot problems and acquire a strong set of insights from children and teenagers by using age-appropriate expectations, proper recruiting methods, and child-friendly exercises.

Unlike other RIVA classes, the in-person portion of this class will take place on a Friday and Saturday to ensure recruiting of youth and teens as mock respondents. This class is limited to 4 students and registration is on a first come/first serve basis.

RIVA will be offering a RIVA 205 Pilot training from November 30th-December 1st. As this is a Pilot class, we will be offering a $500 discount on the public course rate. The standard course fee is $3,895 and the fee for the pilot will be $3,395. 

For more information or to register, please contact Amber Tedesco, Director, at 301-770-6456×101 or via email


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