RIVA Webinar: “Vested Moderators- Benefits and Drawbacks”

Just in case you missed our last webinar “Vested Moderators- Benefits and Drawbacks”, we will be offering this webinar again:

Friday, August 10, 2012

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST

Presenter: Naomi Henderson (CEO and Founder of RIVA Market Research and Training Institute)

This session will be discussing the following:

  • When should a vested moderator remove themselves from a project?
  • What drives the decision to use a vested vs. non-vested moderator?
  • What is the upside of using a vested moderator?
  • Tools, Tips, & Techniques for being vested and still doing a good job as a moderator.
  • Is there a downside to using a vested moderator?

Here is what past participants in this webinar session have had to say about their experience:

–          “The questions tied nicely into the presentation and were targeted to what was important about Vested Moderators.”

–          “I found the information about how to handle yourself in front of your associates to be helpful…”

–          “I will be looking for the next Webinar topic. Naomi is very inspiring…”

Webinar registrations are $75 per participant, please contact me (Chanel@rivainc.com) if you would like to register for this session – space is limited!


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